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.:Gangga Ganggai Penatai Jalai Kaya:.

Welcome to Dongmakgol

.:. Sil, this is the vcd's that I bought (bahan bukti).:.

Yesterday (Sunday 07/05/06), I started the day with no plans to speak of. After church, I was taking a nap and around 5.30 or so in the evening I was watching a Korean movie entitled Welcome to Dongmakgol…alone…as usual! Well, actually I had a conversation with Sil pertaining to that movie the day before and obviously he managed to persuade me to watch that movie…he..he… The film was pretty good, and not nearly as anti-American as the Korea Herald led me to believe. Set during the Korean War (1950 to be exact), the movie tells the tale of a group of North Korean soldiers, a group of South Korean soldiers, and an American pilot (Capt. Neil Smith) who all independently wind up in a small village completely unaware of the (the afore mentioned Dongmakgol).


.:. Scene maya penduduk kampung berandau ngau Capt. Neal Smith.:.

Over the course of the movie, all of these guys realized that none of them are really that different from each other while removed from the war. I took the film to be more anti-war than anti-American. All sides in the film were shown doing horrible things during war (North Koreans attempting to kill off their own injured men, South Koreans blowing up a bridge with people on it, Americans beating up civilians during an interrogation), so no one comes off smelling like roses.


 .: Scene maya Sil ngau BE belaya / berekak..he..he :.

Geli ati aku ngenang maya penduduk kampong Dongmakgol nya bekenang ka bala sedadu ke datai dia, ba sida penduduk kampong nya the newcomers are viewed simply as people "wearing a round gourd (buah labu)  and holding long sticks" and who "look irritated a lot," because they have never seen a gun nor military helmet. When the soldiers explain war has broken out across the Korean Peninsula, the villages ask with surprise, "Who invaded? The Japanese or Chinese?" I really found this was rather an amusing prologue to a film that portrays the tragedy and absurdity of war. Overall cerita tu ndang lucu ndar peda aku….towards the end of it ke nyu emosional mimit….



 .: Scene mandang ka aku, Sil ngau BE….sapa sigat gi?? :.



It's all about "gratitude and revenge"…..pesan aku ngagai semua……rindu meh ngagai pangan diri….anang belaya…..peace to all…..


 .: Scene maya kami main American Football in peace :.



 .: Gambar Sil maya posing pekit Keling Kg. Dongmakgol :.


.: Gambar Val benong excited meda penyigat bala Keling Dongmakgol :.



  1. Cptn. Neil Smith          –   Aku meh nya….he…he…

  2. Left. Pyo                     –  Sil

  3. Comrad Korea Utara   –  BE

  4. Medic                          –  BEL

  5. Yeo-Il (village girl)        –  Val

  6. Talkative Grandmother  –  Van (special appearance)



May 9, 2006 - Posted by | Jurnal Aku


  1. apo, bro baka plis ngai enda bs bukti piak…raya gak dik hahahaha……..nu alu bs watak kitai diak neh…Nu putus urat kentut ku ketawa meda post dik nyak.. He2…Leftenan Pyo ku piak….kan first scene ka munoh dirik ya….
    Capt Smith benung ngajar American Futbol nyak!!! Pelik amat ya ngena “Hanbok” nyak.
    Ni gambar Val deh…..Raya gak gamba BEL ba belakang Leftenan Pyo nyak….
    Good post!!!!!!!!!!wakakakakkaa

    Comment by sil | May 9, 2006 | Reply

  2. APEYYYYY!!! raya raya..!! hahahahahaa!nyor engkakah kedirik aku ketawa ditu laban ulah d tuk ah bro RA! hahah! now i MUST WATCH THAT MOVIE…akai dai..dini meh aku ka ngiga nya pulai miri tuk ilak ahh..hahah!!nggai enda nggau nama2 aku dibaik ya diak..macam2..!hehehe!!!cant wait to b back next month and get this movie..!*wink* ah..the korean-movie fever is ON! :p

    Comment by Val | May 9, 2006 | Reply

  3. ni gamba ka sidak ya manggang babi nyak deh bro? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Comment by sil | May 9, 2006 | Reply

  4. hmmmm…..I’ll try to get it…..

    Comment by rowlandom | May 9, 2006 | Reply

  5. aku nadai pia..enggai kawan enggau kitak.. aku ka meh enggau belakon…

    Comment by vanessa | May 24, 2006 | Reply

  6. bisi arrr….tp watak nya mencabar amat Van…..watak ini tuai ke mayuh bejako nya…..ka d???

    Comment by rowlandom | May 24, 2006 | Reply

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